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This woman plays an awful trick on her boyfriend to test his loyalty (1 Images)



Love is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? It makes us feel happy, content, like we are at the top of the word, even possessive and jealous and more often than not insecure. It also makes us want to test the person we are in love with, the limit of their love, how far they are willing to go for us, how much they can give up for us and all sorts of things. And by testing others love, many gets their heart broken. Because even though love is pure, the person claiming to love you might not be as such. Though there are some who are lucky enough to have found true and pure love. But today’s world is full of selfish motives so that might be way too hard to find, if not impossible.


Cheating is becoming a common issue these days. And just by hearing about other partners cheating on one another, many couples are forced to their significant other’s loyalty. And another main reason for occurrence of loyalty test is when trust and mutual respect is missing.
Here’s a story about a woman who decided to test her relationship. She ended up testing herself as well, learning some lessons of value, while providing some laughter for us all. This story has been circulated around the internet for a while now.
Not all relations remain the same forever. After some time distances are created or the sparks are dimmed. That’s what happened with her relation. The spark seemed to dim. They weren’t as open as they used to be. She wanted to know the answers of the question every girl is curious about. She wanted to know whether he was cheating on her or not? Or how seriously he felt about their relation or How would he feel if she will leave him? And all sorts of these questions. So she came up with an idea which in her opinion was a brilliant one.


As someone once said, “If you think your boyfriend is unfaithful, you don’t need to run a test. You need to talk to him and look at how things are in your relationship. Has something changed to make you suspect that he is no longer faithful? Listen to your intuition and be perceptive. But do not run stupid tests that will prove you to be insecure and turn your boyfriend off of you. Enjoy your relationship with him and hope for the best.”
Well this woman went against this saying and did test her boyfriend. She wrote her a boyfriend a letter which stated that she simply doesn’t see any point in continuing the relation and she also stated that their relation was over.
She wasn’t really going to leave him. She was just after an idea of how he would react upon learning this news. She just wanted to see his reaction so as to know how he felt about their relation. Was he as serious as she wanted him to be? Was he as committed as she herself was?

When she was finished with the letter she placed it on his desk where she was sure that he will be able to see it as soon as he enters his room and will read it the first thing. What’s better than seeing live reaction? Obviously she couldn’t be there when he reads the letter so the next best option? Yes, hiding under the bed. In order to see his raw reaction, she ended up hiding under his bed, waiting for him to come home. He would see the letter and then she could witness the reaction first hand.

The tension, excitement and the curiosity was getting better of her when he finally entered the room. Nervousness at its peak now! He saw the letter and started reading it. As he finished the letter, instead of any sad reaction he was whistling. He sent her into a state of shock. What was happening? Her ears turned up. He picked up the phone and called someone. She could hear him say,
“Hello darling, I’m coming over. The dummy finally got the drift that I’ve been cheating. She’s finally left. What a mistake, that relationship. I’m so happy to be free of her. I wish I’d met you earlier. See you soon!”

The woman was left stunned, she got completely speechless. How could this be? She really had no idea. She felt as though her world had came crashing down at her feet. She felt betrayed and was hurt. She used to think that he might not be as committed but she had no idea he was cheating on her. She lay there in shock for a few minutes. Her boyfriend seemed to be collecting a few things. As soon as he left the room, the dam broke. The tears she was trying so hard to hold back so that he wouldn’t catch her spying started pouring down her face.
She slowly crawled out from her hiding place. And after an episode of crying, she calmed herself down a bit. After she was calmed down, she looked around the room when she noticed a different letter on the desk. Obviously curiosity got the best of her and she read that letter. It was addressed to her, written by her boyfriend. After reading the letter her tears of sadness turned to tears of relief and shame. What an idiot I was, she thought. And how stupid could I be?
Here’s what the letter read,
“You buffoon, next time you want to trick me, make sure your feet aren’t hanging out from under the bed. Just gone to the store. See you soon Love.”

If you want to put your loved one to the test, you should wait for the retribution. This girlfriend was so much anxious and nervous that she forgot o hide her feet. At the end, what goes around comes around! Same would be in return which you give. We really wonder how the conversation would have been carried when he gets back from the store. Really it is nasty!



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